Becoming ENOUGH

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Our focus is on

You becoming the best version of YOU

Take 5-15 minutes per day with other like-minded women and start doing what’s deep inside you instead of what you think you’re supposed to.  

If you want belonging, connection and for you to authentically show up in your life, it’s time for you to BE that leader, personally and professionally. I've got just the place for you.

In this group you'll find:

  • Other people like you...
  • Podcasts to inspire + teach you skills to become ENOUGH
  • Notes of encouragement and perspective for you.  
  • A place for you to be surround yourself with forward focus.  

This is the place where inspiration + possiblity meet.

You’re invited. It’s free, fun and we are taking insights into action for these four days together.

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What Others Are Saying

Grounding On-Demand

As one of Koren's coaching clients, I am extremely grateful to have "How She Really Does It" available to support me in between sessions. Koren has built a safe place for me to be vulnerable and explore my limiting beliefs... Listening to this podcast helps me refocus my mind on my intentions and get grounded again. 

- Miss Beth the Behaviorist

Great interviews of thought-leaders

Koren does a great job of drawing out stories from tremendous thought leaders. I have really enjoyed digging in to her archives and listening to some of the older shows. She gets some great guests then draws out great insights from them. 

- John Corcoran


I love listening to her interviews but also her own life story that complements those interviews. She does well drawing out the guests, some of which are her own coaching clients. So worth spending the time to listen.

- Queens shame